Monday, December 7, 2009

Under The Cover

Vermont's Jer Coons gives his sensetive singer-songwriter spin to the Jackson 5's classic "I Want You Back."

It's not bad, actually a nice sensative interpretation. But, I can't help but see the fans of this song wearing mom jeans or stuck in their dorm room/bedroom fretting over a failed relationship and they will never find anyone else like them again.

MP3: Jer Coons - I Want You Back

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Anonymous said...

JER COONS is Awesome! This kid is going places. I have seen him play live in chicago and New York City on his recent national tour. He said in a recent interview "My music sounds like John Mayer and Jason Mraz are riding on a tandem bike and collide with Jimi Hendrix who was listening to the Beatles on his IPOD" lol