Thursday, April 30, 2009

Add Some Remix To Your PB&J

This week our good friends over at Subservient Experiment have debuted a couple of remixes from local producer LehtmoJoe.  The first was his remix of Diplo side-project Major Lazer's "Hold The Line," which was featured on super producer Mark Ronson's Authentic Shit radio show.  That's some pretty big praise for a producer from The D that aren't Play-N-Skills.  

But, yesterday they debuted Leht's newest remix of Peter Bjorn & John's "Nothing To Worry About."  While I really like both remixes the production and sound on PB&J's song is fantastic.  It has a Beastie Boys meets electro vibe to it and some sweet vocal effects.  

I wouldn't be surprised if LehtmoJoe starts to gain a little notoriety on the national scene.  He's definitely got the skillz to pay the billz.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yeah, They Local

The music of Elkhart is like listening to your friends tell tales about what their friends were like growing up.  Funny, maybe sad, but very endearing to listen to.  In the world of alt-country/indie bands it seems that the stories are created to fill a certain tone of the music, however, with Elkhart their music seems very much real, not made up or faked and very much from the heart.

While the band wears their influences on their sleeve, it's interesting to see they don't alternate between more rocked up songs with country/singer-songwriter tunes.  They seem to have a very specific approach to creating their sound--a sound that can be very off-putting to the casual music listener.  Their debut album The Moon has a very, very low key vibe to it--more in line with drinking a glass of wine by the fire with friends than providing the soundtrack to a kegger--it's the definition of mood music... or a great driving album.  (Think REM's "Night Swimming" with an Americana twist)  And that's fine, because being a party band isn't what Elkart is trying to be.  The guitar work on The Moon is somewhere between perfection and OMG THAT'S F--KIN' BRILLIANT!  The lead guitar work on here is what really sets the mood for the album and the band.  It's twang is sprinkled throughout without saturating the steely sound in every song.

With all of that being said Elkhart is a great band coming out of your speakers or playing in a bar.  And, if you ever see them live they do a killer version of Radiohead's "House of Cards," which you should check out before they stop playing it.

Girl In A Coma Interview

We've been diggin' Girl In A Coma for a while now here at BFD.  We were lucky enough to get to do an interview with head Girl Nina Diaz.  I'm quickly gaining a crush on her, I'm not sure if it's the tattoos, her voice or the fact that she's hot punk grrrl.  But, the fact still remains she and her band are flat out fantastic.  

Bona Fide Darling:  What was the first album you bought?

Nina Diaz:  A Ren And Stimpy tape it had "Happy Happy Joy Joy" on it.

BFD:  What was the first song you really, really loved growing up?

ND:  "It’s My Party" by Leslie Gore

BFD:  How long have you been playing guitar? Do you have a particular guitar player you look up to?

ND:  Nine years. Johnny Marr, Jeff Buckley, Jack White to name a few.

BFD:  When you're playing shows how are you treated by the guys in the crowd before and after shows? 

ND:  Before they stare and are silent after they stare and giggle like a school girl. Are they respectful? They are usually gentlemen.

BFD:  Do you and your sister get along when you're on the road?

ND:  We have our moments. But we are sisters so there's this cheesy respectful love hanging around.

BFD:  How was it touring with Morrissey? I've read some horror stories by other bands where they said they weren't allowed to even look at him. Did anything crazy like that happen?

ND:  Morrissey is a great person to learn from. He's charming, respectful, and very smart. One can understand why he has to be so private after touring with him – but there were no crazy stories or rules. We did interact with him and each time left a smile on our faces.

BFD:  Is there anyone you would like to tour with?

ND:  Sonic Youth, Ours, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Superdrag, there's a lot.

BFD:  Was there a band that you really looked up to and wanted to emulate when the band got together?

ND:  Of course, The Smiths and Morrissey. But I really wanted to write songs that had a taste of all I was influenced by (The White Stripes. Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, The Beatles) and by doing so hopefully create my own sound. 

BFD:  With the LOGO network being a big supporter of the band, do you worry about being pigeon holed as a "gay band" or do you think it opens up a larger audience to you?

ND:  Labels are something people do when they are lazy. If you really look at a person you can see that there's more to them then just persona and appearance. Whoever’s ears we happen to reach, we’d love to be welcomed by them and in return welcome them.

BFD:  Did you approach Trio B.C. differently than you Both Before I'm Gone as far as songwriting?

ND:  Trio B.C. is a collection of songs written either in our van or at my place of residence. Two of them, Empty Promise and Trail, were oldies but goodies. On tour, we’d load gear into the clubs and then I’d write in the van and on our breaks. It was a much faster process than Both Before I’m Gone which had songs that were written over many years. I am totally happy with the outcome.

BFD:  How has the crowd been reacting to the new material?

ND:  I’m happy to say there are people singing along to songs that haven't been released yet. The adventure of introducing is ahead.

Monday, April 27, 2009


When the big huh-bub over The Flaming Lips "Do You Realize??" being voted the official rock song of Oklahoma came to a head last week it was a little sad for me.  The State Senate voted for the song, the State Legislature voted against the song because Michael Ivins wore a shirt to the capitol emblazoned with the former Russian hammer and sickle.  It was sad because it just went to show how backward and conservative the state is.  My brother has that shirt and has worn it a lot the last few years and has gotten a lot of compliments on it.  But, I think the thing that was the worst is that once the song was voted in it made Oklahoma look like it was actually pretty cool.  Then when all this happened it made us once again look like dumb hicks.

However, I'm glad to see that that Gov. Brad Henry went ahead and voted it in as the state rock song.  

Jessica Does Daytrotter

It's been a while since Daytrotter has anyone really interesting in their studio.  But, my heart skipped a beat when I noticed Jessica Lea Mayfield was recently featured.  I realize I've gone on and on about how great she is, but honestly, it's because she is a fantastic singer and songwriter.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Norman Music Festival

This weekend is the second year of the Norman Music Festival... which is free.  I won't be making it their this year, but I do have friends that are going from Dallas and back home in the OK.  It should be a good time, The Black Angels will be there as will the Starlight Mints.  It would be nice if something like this could happen in this area...  maybe Denton?  I'm sure that's just wishful thinking.

Here's a rundown of the schedule.

2009 NMF Main Stage
Main Street & James Garner Parkway

10:30pm - Of Montreal
9pm - Starlight Mints
7:30pm - Man Man
6pm - Sugar And Gold
4:45pm - Stardeath and White Dwarves
3:45pm - Other Lives
2:45pm - Sheree Chamberlain
1:45pm - The Absolute
12:50pm - Student Film
11:55am - El Paso Hot Button

Jägermeister 2nd Stage
West of Porter Avenue on Main Street

9pm - Tea Leaf Green
7:30pm - Todd Snider
6pm - Billy Joe Shaver
4:45pm - Brandon Jenkins
3:40pm - Travis Linville
2:40pm - The Lee Boys
1:45pm - Blue Turtle Seduction
12:35pm - Camille Harp
11:45am - Resident Funk
11am - Welcome The Silence

Sooner Theater Stage
101 East Main

7pm - The Uglysuit
6pm - Mama Sweet
5pm - Hush Hush Commotion
4pm - The Ike Lamb Band
3pm - Gabriel Marshall
2pm - Galapagos
1pm - Lemma
noon - Here is There
11am - Ford Chastain
Opolis Stage
113 North Crawford

8pm - Crocodile
7pm - The Separation
6pm - Early Beat
5pm - Penny Hill
4pm - Locust Avenue
3pm - Mayola
2pm - Gentle Ghost
1pm - Dead Sea Choir
noon - The Gunship

The Little Rocker Stage
Peters Avenue & Main Street

(for our youngest festival attendees)
5pm - Sugar Free Allstars
4pm - Various Local Young Musicians
3pm - Balcum Rancum Puppetry
2pm - Jahruba Drums
1pm - Buffalo Fitz
noon - Sooner Studio Kids

Coaches Brewhouse Stage
110 West Main Street

8pm - Pretty Black Chains
7pm - John Fullbright
6pm - Michael Bendure
5pm - The Workweek
4pm - Kristen Stehr
3pm - Depth and Current
2pm - Meredith Meyer
1pm - Richard Daddy Love
noon - Susan Herndon

Red Room Stage
114 West Main Street

7:30pm - Love Is A Story
7:15pm - comedian BradChad Porter
6:30pm - Jabee
6:15pm - comedian Derek Smith
5:30pm - The Non
5:15pm - comedian Cameron Buchholtz
4:30pm - 8bit Cynics
4:15pm - comedian Leah Kayajanian
3:30pm - Stevedore
3:15pm - comedian James Nghiem
2:30pm - Willie V. (last minute replacement)
2:15pm - comedian Spencer Hicks
1:30pm - Psychotic Reaction
1:15pm - comedian Anthony Cavasos
12:30pm - Traindodge
11:30am - Maggie McClure

Studio 360 Stage
109 North Crawford Avenue

7pm - Z'ebre
6pm - Dave and the Wheelbarrows
5pm - Vandevander
4pm - Puzzle People
3pm - Matthew Hart
2pm - i Resign
1pm - Mary Tyler Morphine
12:00pm - Supreme U-Gene
11am - Black Colt

The Dreamer Concepts Stage
324 East Main

11pm - DJ Rent
7:30pm - Dorian Small
6:15pm - Rainbows are Free
5pm - Proprietors of the Earth
3:45pm - Glowbead
2:30pm - Edgar Cruz
1:40pm - Lily Guild
1pm - Hollywood Homicide
noon - Bungalouski
11am - Popstar Karaoke

The Sonder Music Stage
225 East Gray

3pm - Ivan Peña Trio
2pm - Austin Hartel Dance Group
1:30pm - Perpetual Motion Modern Dance Oklahoma
12:30pm - The Nghiems

Winans Fine Chocolates & Coffees Stage
201 East Main

3:30pm - Author Charles Martin, and Kabaret Falschtanz dance troup.
Book reading of The Dominant Hand
The Unauthorized Story of Jim Jacobs and the Cult that Saved the World
with Wayward Poets
4:30pm - Ali Harter

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spoon x 3

Our friends at Ultra8201 hipped us to Spoon playing on back-to-back-to-back night in Austin in July.  Yep, three straight nights of Spoony goodness at Stubbs.

7/9/09 with Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears and Trail of Dead
7/10/09 with Low and Dale Watson
7/11/09 with Atlas Sound

Go Fly A Kite!

Imagine, if you will, an electro group in the same vein as Ladytron.  Now imagine said group also has a female singer and her voice isn't monotone and somewhat scary.  Got it, yet?  Is that group Kite in the Air?  I knew it!  I should do this for a living!

The group has a propulsive electro sound that is on par with groups like Ladytron.  The main difference being Kite in the Air is more dance oriented.  Don't let that comparison scare you, it's not Paul van Dyke or Rabbit in The Moon, but it has a very dance feel--too much so to purely be dance pop.  From the first sequenced note the music is hypnotic and completely engaging. 

Black Joe Lewis Interview

There are a lot of things Austin, TX is known for:  Austin City Limits, the Austin City Limits Festival, The Austin Motel, hippies, tacos, but mostly it's known for it's plethora of music that comes is all varieties.  We have been a fan of Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears for a while now.  Recently, Joe took the time to answer some questions we here at BFD had for him.  

Bona Fide Darling:  It's unusual, I would think, for someone your age to want to make soul music. How did you decide to go in that direction musically.

Black Joe Lewis:  It kind of just came to me most naturally. Listened to hip hop growing up, but started liking soul after hearing James Brown and guys like that. Don Covay and Wilson Pickett.

BFD:  Do you think that your band, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings and Raphael Saddiq are kind of leading a resurgence of a more authentic soul music?

BJL:  I guess you could say that. You can’t really tell from this point. I like to think we’re more of a rock and roll band then them. We’re louder and not as slick.

BFD:  What was it like working with Jim Eno?

BJL:  He’s really cool. Jim took a chance on us and made the record sound awesome.

BFD:  Your singing gets a lot of comparison to James Brown, do you think that's a fair comparison? 

BJL:  He’s definitely a big influence. It’s weird to even be mentioned in the same sentence as him, you know?

BFD:  On "Sugarfoot" and "Get Yo Shit" sound like they have a hint of autobiography in them. Are the stories drawn from personal experience or completely made up? 

BJL:  Sometimes I write about my own experiences, but usually I just try to make a good song. "Get Yo Shit" is just a funny story I came up with.

BFD:  The picture of you and The Honeybears where you are at the pool table has a very Rat Pack feel to it. How did you guys meet and do y'all hang out much outside of the band?

BJL:  I met Sluyter first, he played bass in my old band. Then I met Zach and he introduced me to most of the other guys. We started playing together about two years ago. We hang out a lot now because we’re touring so much, but we’ll hang out in Austin too.

BFD:  Is there one particular show that really stands out that you have played? Have you ever had anything crazy happen at your shows?

BJL:  It was really great playing this Barack Obama rally in Austin last year. He said my name which was cool. We don’t write setlists and all our shows are different, so there’s crazy stuff happening all the time.

BFD:  What bands are you diggin' right now?

BJL:  I got this Menahan Street Band CD that is good. Justin Timberlake is pretty cool. In the van we mostly listen to yacht rock like Michael McDonald and stuff like that.

BFD:  Do you think that coming from Austin lends itself to meeting creative musicians that share your ideas?

BJL:  I guess so. There are a bunch of musicians so it can be hard to start out and get a paying gig. A lot of people down there play really slick Stevie Ray Vaughan blues. We try to keep it more raw and loud than that.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Because This Is Funny

Children Say The Darndest Things

The hometown of Prince has given birth to another musical gem... Now, Now Every Children.  With their wonderfully simply pop delights bring a smile to my face.  I've been digging their new album Cars for a couple of weeks now.  Their music is on par with Headlights, poppy, sensible and fun.

And We Were Photons

One of my favorite new groups from last year, San Francisco's Photons, are ready to release their follow-up to their eponymous EP.  The new album, Glory!, is due to come out on June 23 via all the major music retailers.  

This is why you should love Photons:  they're like Polyphonic Spree without the faux-cult vibe to bog you down.  Their music is happy, charming and warm and doesn't leave you with a massive sugar headache.  And, any band with a bassoon and glockenspiel are tops in my book.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking One For The Team

Minneapolis' One For The Team have released and EP full of power indie pop goodness.  Their music is sweet and bright without some of the pretentious underpinnings of some indie bands.  Their sound reminds me a little bit of Denton's Matthew and The Arrogant Sea sans the weirdo lyrics.  Their EP Build A Garden is out now and you can get it here.

Old Crow Medicine Show "Caroline" Video

Old Crow has released a live video for their song "Caroline" off last years Tennessee Pusher.  It combines live shots from their upcoming live DVD release with the studio version of the song.  If you've been to an Old Crow show you'll see that it pretty much captures the energy of the boys show.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lykke Li Love KoL

Since I'm keeping late hours these days I got a chance to catch Lykke Li perform her cover of Kings of Leon's "Knocked Up."  I think it's pretty great how musicians are covering songs that aren't that old by artists they admire.  It makes me think this is what it must've been like in the 50s and 60s when bands would do that all the time.  Only, Lykke's version doesn't suck as bad as Pat Boone's "Tootie Fruity."

I also like how Li moves around all Stevie Nicks-like in the vidie.  The girl is fun to look at, I'll give her that... and her voice ain't too bad either.

New Wye Oak

After watching the entire series of The Wire last year, I find it interesting that anyone coming out of Baltimore makes happy music.  Last year Baltimore duo Wye Oak wowed me with one of our 2008 faves "Warning" and this year looks to be no different.  Although their newest song "Take It In" isn't exactly what I would call "upbeat," it's pretty catchy.

Making quick work the duo is already back with a new album The Knot.  The first single "Take It In" meanders from buzzed out bluesy-ish rock in the hook to minimal guitar picking in the rest of the song.

Tour dates: 
5/04/09 -  Norman, OK @ Opolis
5/05/09 - Ft. Worth, TX @ Lola's Stockyards
5/06/09 - Austin, TX @ The Mohawk

Friday, April 17, 2009


Our good friends Elkhart and Eastwood got their poster for tonight's show at Dada selected as "Poster of The Week" by DC9 at Night.  Congratulations fellas, you done made it to the big show!

New Girl In A Coma

San Antonio's Girl In A Coma is back with their sophomore album Trio B.C.  Yep, it doesn't seem like that long ago they released their first.  The grrrls have been on the road, honing their skills and apparently recording.  Of the four songs I've heard from the new album I think they are all pretty good, although they are slower paced they still maintain the punky attitude.

The only complaint I has have is the way Nina enunciates on "Static Mind," words like "inside" become "inshide."  But, that's really the only complaint I have.

The grrrls will make a stop in The D at Pontiac Garage in the House of Blues on June 7.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Love Affair Continues

Last night I watched Uncle Dave as he interviewed the always grating Drew Barrymore just waiting to hear what Neko Case was going to sing.  Her live version of "This Tornado Loves You" was very impressive.  However, what I couldn't help but notice was the phalanx of back up singers.  She usually just employs Kelly Hogan (the one of the left) and Kelly didn't seem to happy to share the back up spotlight with a bunch of Suzy Come-Lately's.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Music From The Great Northern...

Summer is-a-comin' , which living in Texas could mean it'll be here next week.  But, I know finally have some new songs that feel like summer to listen to... and one of them is "Houses" by Great Northern.

Their songs switch singers between Solon Bixler and Rachel Stolte.  When Stolte sings it reminds me of Nina Gordon formerly of Veruca Salt, and the great song "Tonight and The Rest of My Life."  "Houses" is a great songs and it makes me wish summer were finally here.

Tour dates:
5/1/09 Brooklyn, NY @ Bell House
5/2/09 Albany, NY @ Valentines
5/4/09 Bowery Ballroom @ Bowery Ballroom
5/5/09 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's
5/7/09 Washington, DC @ Black Cat
5/8/09 Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel
5/9/09 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
5/10/09 Columbus, OH @ Skully's
5/11/09 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
5/13/09 Chicago, IL @ Lakeshore Theatre
5/14/09 Columbia, MT @ Mojo's
5/16/09 Denton, TX @ Halley's
5/17/09 Houston, TX @ Warehouse
5/18/09 Austin, TX @ Parish
5/21/09 Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room
5/22/09 San Diego, CA @ Casbah
5/23/09 Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex
5/24/09 San Francisco, CA @ Independent
5/26/09 Portland, OR @ Douglas Fir Lounge
5/27/09 Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Café

Zooey Is The Fabric of My Life

I didn't realize that the cotton industry was putting on such a big push to rework their classic jingle.  You know, the "Fabric of Our Lives" jingle?  Classic.  I still find myself singing that jingle from time to time.  Mostly because I'm a dork, but, also because it's easy to get stuck in your head and has such a great vocal melody.

Zooey Deschanel has recorded her version for a new commercial.  Just like with She & Him, she has such a sweet, twangy voice.  AND she has also recorded an extended version for a free download, who knew?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pearl Jam Movie?

Mike McCready said during a radio interview that Cameron Crowe is going to make a movie about his band Pearl Jam.  Sweet.  I have the rest of their DVDs so I will totally be down with this one.  It's suppose to be a documentary type thing, which I personally love as long is everyone is open and talkative.  It would be even better if it were four hours like the Tom Petty movie that came out a few years ago.  Since they are reportedly headlining ACL this year, hopefully they will stop through The D... I would think they would, right?

Oh, and he said their new album should be out by the end of the year.  And now a goodie from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from when The Doors were inducted.

Under The Cover

Last night I was messing around, looking at different blogs and I came across this little gem.  It's Hayseed Dixie's version of the Metallica classic "Enter Sandman."  If you're not familiar with the Hayseed Dixie they are a Hillbilly cover band that hails from Dear Lick Holler, Appalachia (not a real place).  They're known mostly for doing Bluegrass cover versions of AC/DC, KISS and other classic rockers.  

Brian Jonestown Massacre @ Granada Theater

Last night was my first live exposure to a live performance of Brian Jonestown Massacre and I was thoroughly impressed.  Honestly, I was really hoping to see lead BJMer Anton Newcombe freak the eff out and start a fight with a fellow band member, maybe an audience member... but alas, it was not to be.

Like I said, I was impressed by the band.  They have a great sound that spans a few different genres yet isn't jarring when it transitions.  

You can check out the review of the show for DC9 here, you can check out pics of the show here or here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Interview With Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show

Next months Old Crow Medicine Show will make another appearance at the Granada Theater supporting their latest album Tennessee Pusher. I recently caught up with Old Crow frontman Ketch Secor and asked him a few questions. If you haven't witnessed a show by Old Crow you're missing out on one of the best shows around. The band will be at the Granada on May 6. You need to get down there and witness the tent revival that is their show.

Bona Fide Darling: The sound on Tennessee Pusher is a little different from the sound on your previous albums, was that a natural progression or was it the way Don Was led you in the studio?

Ketch Secor: The biggest difference is the originality of material. Having recorded so many traditional, old-time, country and blues songs, we found we required a different arrangement for this new batch. The addition of Jim Keltner brought out the rock n roll in us and the rest just fell in place naturally.

BFD: How did you guys hook up with Don Was? He's a pretty legendary producer.

KS: He called us up out of the blue one day and asked who was making our next record and if it could be him.

BFD: I really like your version of Woody Guthrie's "Deportee" on the Songs of America compilation. ?I think it's an interesting choice considering the way a lot of American's feel about immigration these days, especially here in Texas. Did you choose to contribute that song or were you asked to cover that song specifically?

KS: I enjoyed making my Bajo Sexto debut on that recording. Critter, a South Texas native, has been playing Tejano Accordeon for years and we enjoyed incorporating some Conjunto flair into the track. You know Woody Guthrie never recorded this one, it was dug up when he was deep in the throws of Parkinsons and first cut by Judy Collins. Nashville is a city of immigarants and they are a rich addition to the cultural fabric of our city. So I particularly enjoyed making a stand for solidarity with this song.

BFD: I've spoken to you and Morgan after a few shows and I know that you guys have some interesting choices in cover songs you like to play, like "Purple Rain" and "Soul Rebel." ?Is there any chance you guys will bust out either one or both of those gems when you play the Granada Theater here in Dallas? Is there also a possibility you guys will play "Silver Dagger?" I'm just going to go on record now and request those songs, please.

KS: There's so many great songs that nobody's singing. There's a whole generation of kids unexposed to the richness of the body of American music. "Silver Dagger" we don't play much anymore but we played "Soul Rebel" last night. Lately though it's been a lot of Bowie for our cover choices.

BFD: Tennessee Pusher has been your most successful album to date. ?Do you feel it's due to the exposure from constant touring or more of a tip of the hat to the music itself?

KS: Actually, OCMS far outsold Pusher, but we're still selling the new album steadily. Bands can't count on record sales anymore and we put most of our efforts into being a touring band.

BFD: Your performances are usually just you guys playing two sets with an intermission in the middle. ?Is this how you guys have always performed? Will you still do your shows that way even with Sara Watkins opening up for you guys?

KS: I think it was Dave (Rawlins) and Gillian (Welch) who taught us the beauty of two sets. Everyone likes and intermission, it gets awful thristy on the dance floor.

BFD: How did you guys land the opening slot for Dave Matthews? ?I would think your music fits in pretty well with his crowd, are you looking forward to hangin' with Dave for a few weeks and getting exposed to a new audience?

KS: Dave, Critter and I are all non-native Virginians. He bartended at the only place that served minors so we've crossed paths a time or two before. It's really a thrill to get to play in front of so many people and to impart upon his fans our brand of music.

BFD: I read an article a while back that called "Wagon Wheel" a new addition to the American standard songbook. ?Do you look at that song as a blessing or a curse in terms of having to play it every night. ?Have you ever gotten to the point where Radiohead was at with their song "Creep" when they refused to play it--is that something you've ever considered?

KS: It's a joy to have a big song that the people sing around the fire and play at their parties, weddings and graduations. I knew when I wrote it I'd be singing it 'til I was dead.

BFD: As much as you guys tour, do any shows in particular stand out to you as a great show or a bad show? ?Come to think of it, have you guys ever been booed?

KS: We were booed a lot during the 2001 Robert Earl Keen tour. Floridians have thrown bottles and stolen instruments. We've had some terrible shows, but not in a while.

KS: Rock on Big "D," look alive the Crows are comin'!

MP3: Old Crow Medicine Show - Soul Rebel (Bob Marley cover)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Morrissey @ The Palladium

I got the chance to review Morrissey's show last night at the Palladium.  It was a pretty good show, but I was left a little bit disappointed.  It kinda seemed like he was just going through the motions, I like his OKC show from a few years back better.

That being said, check out my full review here for DC9 and you can check out pics here or here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

KERA Loves Them Some Bosque Brown

I'm glad I checked out Fine Line Live today, Cindy hipped me to the a podcast on KERA's website with Mara Lee Miller of Bosque Brown as he goes track by track talking about her band's newest album Baby.  I usually like to come up with my own interpretations of what the songs are about, but it's cool to hear Mara Lee talk about her album.  It's interesting how we both had the same feelings about our hometowns.  We couldn't wait to get the hell out of there, but we love going back home.

I really can't go on enough about Baby, it's an absolutely fantastic album and you need to get it now!  You can listen to the podcast here.

What If Rivers Was One of Us?

I've been reading for a few weeks now that Rivers Cuomo and Rainn Wilson were working on some music together.  What I didn't find out until today was that they were working on one of the best one hit wonders of my high school days:  "One Of Us" by Joan Osbourne.  It's a nice, faithful take on the song and it also shows of Dwight, er, Rainn's sweet-ass bongo skillz.

I'm not a big Weezer fan, but I like some of their stuff.  However, I'm a big fan of Wilson's Dwight Schrute character on the greatness that is The Office.  If you like The Office, then you know what good comedy is.  If not, then may God have mercy on your humorless soul.

MP3:  Rivers Cuomo & Rainn Wilson - One of Us

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wayne Takes Your Love Over The Borderline, Borderline!

In true Flaming Lips fashion the OKC group (and his nephew in Stardeath and White Dwarfs) let their freak flags fly on the video for their cover of Madonna's "Borderline."  What would a Lips video be without crazy video playing behind the band?

Great Lake Swimmers @ Hailey's

Last night was a great show at Hailey's, it was the first time I'd been there.  Hopefully I'll find a reason to go again sometime soon.

But, you can check out the review of the show here and pictures from the show here or here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jessica Lea Mayfield "Kiss Me Again" Video

It's hard to imagine why an artist or their label would wait for a year to put out the first video from their album.  But, that's exactly what has happened with the gorgeous "Kiss Me Again" by Jessica Lea Mayfield.  

I can imagine it went something like this:  "Hey, you had a song on that Gossip Girl show, right?  That must mean you're getting popular since you had your music featured on a hit show...let's get a video made!"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Silversun Pickups "Panic Switch"

There are times I can't believe it's been three years since Silversun Pickups burst onto the scene with their video for "Well Thought Out Twinkles."  Then at other times it seems like it's been a decade.  Their particular style of super distorted rock grabbed me by the ear and didn't let go and I'm glad their new album is coming out next week.  

The video for "Panic Switch" is one part performance piece and one part epilepsy causing Anime strobes and cuts.  A pretty descent video, but if it's anything like their last album, there are prolly the good stuff will be in the next few tracks released.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mash-Up Monday

When it comes to mash ups Chicago's The Hood Internet do a better job than most anyone else out there, and this one is no exception.

Like A Boss!

I would've thought the writing on SNL had plenty of time to gel by now.  The players they have on the show are fantastic, but every week the writing leaves a lot to be desired.  I don't know how you can have Kristin Wiig, Jason Sedakis, Andy Sandberg, Will Forte and Bill Hader and not consistantly bring the funny.  But, somehow they only bring a few chuckles.  

But, I didn't think the latest installment of the "Digital Short" was pretty awesome.  

Friday, April 3, 2009

Live! Tonight! Tomorrow Night!

While I'm north of the Red River this weekend Eastwood will be melting your face with their wicked good tunes.  Oh, yeah, and Quickserv Johnny are headlining a one night only reunion!  So, head down to The Prophet Bar tomorrow night and check out what will be a great show.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great Lake Swimmers Show

In exactly a week from yesterday Great Lake Swimmers will play Hailey's in Denton.  I highly recommend going to the show.  Head Swimmer Tony Dekker is a great songwriter and singer.  If you need more proof as to why you should go maybe you should see what I said here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Camera Obscura My Maudlin Career

Glasgow's Camera Obscura are a band out of time; they would've fit in nicely with pre-bat shit-crazy Phil Spector producing their album.  They last couple of albums have a very "Wall of Sound" feel to them.  The sweet vocals of Tracyanne Campbell fit in quite nicely with the bands sound.

My Maudlin Career starts off with the starkly upbeat "French Navy," upbeat isn't always what the band shoots for.  But, what is noticeably different on this album compare to their phenomenal Let's Get Out of The Country is how the lyrics have shifted from being love lorn to being happy to search for love and giving love.  It's most notable on the song "The Sweetest Thing" as she sings "I'm goin' on a date tonight/to try and fall in love with you."  It seems that the protagonist in most of their songs have found love at one point and even if it hasn't worked out the way she expected, she's still happy to have experienced it.

Another notable departure from their last album is the lack of horns on this album, they've been replaced by string arrangements.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, I just miss them.

My Maudlin Career will be out on April 21 via 4AD, you can pre-order it here.