Monday, November 17, 2008

Yeah, They Local

So, I've been diggin' the hell out of the new Eastwood album, Everythings Personal. It's an album that combines the many elements of the band. Their sound can't really be described very easily, a little rock, a little country and little pit of pop sensibility and a dash of that sweet Bluegrass sound. Songs like "Givin' Up, Givin' In" has the countryfied-pop sound that is very reminiscent of The Eagles.

Their sound is approachable and very easy to get hooked into. The stand out track on Everythings Personal is "Right Place, Wrong Time." It's a situation a lot of couples find themselves in with the person they are in a relationship with. 'I love you, I really do. But, I really hate putting up with your shit. We've had this talk 100 times, remember?' If you have any questions about the tone of this song, just listen to that sweet, sweet steal guitar and you'll know this song was meant for lookin' back. Or forward, just depends on which side of the relationship your on.

Another stand out track is "They'll Never Take Me Alive," a nice little rocked up tracked about breakin' out of the hooskow and, well, they ain't gonna take him back alive. And, then there's "Natalie"--the I'm sorry for cheatin' on you song that is actually sweet and makes you want to forgive the guy for doin' 'er wrong.

Yep, Eastwood carries on the strong Dallas tradition in the Americana, Alt-Country and Roots-Rock that sounds just a great in the car as it does on stage. Whether they make music a full-time career or just for shits and giggles Eastwood are a damned good band.


bill h said...

Eastwood, great guys, cd release will be at Barley House on 12-5. love Big Blue Sky!

Amanda W. said...

Love the Heidle and Minihan