Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yeah, They Local

When it comes down to comparisons between John Dufiho's two bands, I Love Math are only slightly different than their counterpart Deathray Davies.  While Deathray Davies meanders the landscape of excellent indie rock, I Love Math roams the countryside of acoustic, alt-country leaning pop.  

The group is comprised of stand-out local musicians and are somewhat of a local supergroup: John Dufiho of Deathray Davies, Phillip Peeples of Old 97's, Jason Garner of The Paper Chase and Andy Lester of Slider Pines.  I Love Math has release two albums to their credit so far; their eponymous 2002 debut and this summer's wonderful Getting To The Point Is Beside It which contains the hauntingly beautiful "Only Clowns Are Scary."  It's a song that has very little to do with the fear of clowns and more to do with the great things in life you don't ever want to forget.

I Love Math definitely isn't a group whose album you put in to rock out to.  Instead, they are a band who you put their album in to enjoy a beautiful day with friends or without.  They are mellow without being candy-coated.

Their next show in town is with Salim Nourallah at Club Dada on November 15.

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