Monday, May 5, 2008

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Interview

I had the good fortune to do a short, sweet interview with Philip Dickey of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. If you have read anything about them on here, then you know I'm a big fan of their. Pershing probably is the greatest album of the kidding.

They will be playing tomorrow at Hailey's in Denton with Port O'Brien.

Bona Fide Darling: What made you want to cover a Hole song? Which one of you has a crush on Courtney Love?
Philip Dickey: My little brother just got "Live Through This" and I started listening to it again. I think that CD came out on April 8 (94) and that was our release date, too. I think we're all secretly in love and incredibly scared of her.

BFD: Have you played Denton before?
PD: Yes, and we stayed at someone's house because their parents were gone.

BFD: What music do you bring with you on tour? Did John bring any Garth Brooks CDs on this tour?
PD: A lot of music from our hometown. Check out our top friends on and you can listen to them. My favorite CD this tour is "Windows" by Michael Holt. He covers some piano songs by an obscure composer from Moscow. His originals are great, too. We prefer George Straight CDs, but we like Garth Brooks karaoke.

BFD: Do you think Mizzou will stand a chance in the Big 12 this year since Chase Daniel left?
PD: I only follow Missouri State women's basketball, sorry. They went to the final four twice. And I like the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.

BFD: What's the deal with your shirts?! You only have S-M-L sizes; you be thinkin' us husky dudes want a SSLYBY shirt?
PD: That's weird. We must have sold out. There are probably a lot of husky dudes with SSLYBY t-shirts.

BFD: I think "Modern Mystery" and "Think I Wanna Die" are the songs of the summer. What do you have to say to those who disagree?
PD: Thanks. Um, I would say "You're entitled to your own opinion...but WTF?"

BFD: The sound of Pershing seems cleaner, more produced than Broom. Was that something that was done consciously?
PD: We just set up a bunch of gear and had no idea what it was going to sound like. Will and I wanted something more real and lo-fi. John and Jonathan wanted to make more of a classic sounding record.

BFD: Spin gave you a pretty favorable, if short, review of your show at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. Is that something you guys find exciting to be reviewed by a major music magazine?
PD: Yeah, because it makes our parents pay attention to us.

BFD: If you weren't a working musician what would you be doing?
PD: Shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds. I'd bat .280 and steal a bunch of bases.

BFD: Was there any particular band/thing/moment that made you want to be a musician? Or, was it just that it would be easier scoring girls?
PD: I started taking piano lessons in elementary school and I just wanted to play fast songs and be in a band.

BFD: Do you think that non-major blog coverage helps raise your profile? Do you think blog coverage in general helps raise your profile?
PD: Yes and yes. Being on a blog is like being on MTV in the 90s. Or something. I really don't know. Tom Petty rules.

BFD: Favorite band or song of the moment?
PD: "Way Up Past" by Michael Holt.

BFD: How did you come up with the bands name? It's quite a mouthful.
PD: I thought of it in high school right after Boris Yeltsin resigned. I saw a NBC news story about his wife. She liked to play tennis.

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