Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yeah, They Local

When it comes to an artist who has been doin' work don't look anywhere other than Denton's Robert Gomez. The man seems like he's constantly working: record label owner, solo artist and trusty sideman to local musicians. Despite not being a household name he's been featured as NPR's "Song of The Day" and an instrumental version of his song "Hunting Song" was featured on David Byrne's website.

His new album Pine Sticks and Phosphorus has been in a steady rotation around here lately. He has a bit of the California late sixties folk sound, a little bit. It's not the straight up sound of The Mamas and The Papas, but the influence seems to be everywhere on the album. "On This Day" is just as sweet as it is joyful and haunting. It's indicative of what you find throughout his third album, dreamy indie-pop.

Gomez will play City Tavern in Dallas on July 11 as one of the stops on a nationwide tour.

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