Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yeah, They Local

I'm going to try and do this particular post as often as possible. Dallas has no shortage of great music talent and it should be show. Sure, The Rev, Eryka, Toadies, 97's, Polyphonic and Stevie Ray all great and worthy of praise. However, there really isn't a shortage of local musical talent.

This leads me to the first installment of "Yeah, They Local" with Dallas' The New Frontiers. The Indie rock/Americana band was unknown to me until very recently...i.e. this afternoon. But, I've had "Black Lungs" on repeat pretty much all day. The songs deftly cribs the slide guitar from Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" and turns it on it's ear with an Americana twist. If you check out their Myspace page make sure you listen to their take on Gillian Welch's "Look at Miss Ohio" handling the lamentable line "I want to do right, but not right now" with pure unadulterated greatness.
The band hasn't gone without it's share of positive critical response. Paste Magazine, Under The Radar Magazine and have all given praise for the bands debut release Mending.

There isn't a bad track on Mending, "Black Lungs," "Walking on Stone" and "The Day You Fell Apart" are just some of the stand out tracks. You can pick up Mending here. It's well worth your hard earned sheckles.

Oh, and do yourself a solid and check out their Daytrotter Session and download (for free) their songs.

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