Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Headlights Interview

The Headlights will be playing with the Evangelicals tonight at The Cavern on Lower Greenville. So, since Headlights are coming to town, Tristan Wraight was kind enough to answer a few of my questions.

BFD: Is this your first trip to SXSW?

Tristan Wraight: No, it will be our third.

BFD: Is this the first time you've been to Dallas?

TW: No, we have been there many times. Good records is the best. I got 'American Analog Set' set free there.

BFD: What do you think about the Evangelicals?

TW: I think that they are awesome. We have played with them before and bumped into them at Fun Fun Fun Fest. They are good guys that play really ferocious psychedelic pop. If that is even possible.

BFD: Do you ever talk to them about how awesome the Sooners are?

TW: No, but we'll ask them sooner or later.

BFD: Since you guys are from Illinois do you support Obama?

TW: Very much. We think that Obama is the way of the future. I think that one of Americas real priorities should be repairing global relationships and that Obama would be great at that.

BFD: How does it make you feel that you have a Wikipedia page, did one of you make it?

TW: Remember when you were in algebra, and you were totally zoning out on some other shit in the back of the class when all of a sudden you hear your name, and it's the teacher, and he's calling on you, and you look at the board for some kind of hint, but it's FUCKING ALGEBRA, and there's no hope and you look around but everyone's giving you that look like "there he goes, failing again" and you've never felt more alone? That's how I feel just thinking about how to answer this question.

BFD: What will you do if someone yells "Freebird!"?

TW: rock that shit out. Every band knows freebird. Every one.

BFD: What/who are your musical influences?

TW: we all grew up with pretty eclectic tastes. Brett likes Metallica.

BFD: Can you tell me the 5 CD's you guys have listened to the most while on tour?

TW: 1. Led Zeppelin 4 2. Bonnie Prince Billy Greatest Palace Music
3. Shearwater Palo Santo 4. Nada surf Let Go 5. Dri Smoke Rings

BFD: Have you ever had a run in with Clell Tickle, Indie Marketing Guru?

TW: we fought with knives in a parking lot once. He apologized. I think we were in Greece.

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