Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yeah, They Local

It's never a surprise when great music springs up from our neighbors to the north in Denton County.

The latest in a long line of noteworthy bands is This Old House. The name kinda fits them perfectly, with their pop influences on their folk-rock songs.

I first noticed them when they were the subject of an episode of "DC9 In Space" a few weeks ago. From there I went and checked them out on Myspace and the hook was sunken firmly into cheek.

Musically, their style isn't that different from Fleet Foxes, but, that would be where the comparison for them would end. Their voices aren't drenched in reverb to get the singing in an empty cathedral vibe. And where some of Fleet Foxes songs are upbeat, even sunny numbers, the few I've heard from This Old House lean heavily on the mellow vibe... perfectly fitting for the colder weather ahead. Or smoking lefties with your buds.

Their next show will be at Dan's Silverleaf (with Unwed Sailor) on 11/29.

MP3: This Old House - Locust