Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yeah, They Local

There are many, many, many Roots, Americana, Alt-Country and Country bands in the DFWd area but one of my absolute favorites is 100 Damned Guns.  The Ft. Worth six piece combines a bit of rock and roll swagger with a lot of Honky Tonk attitude.  Their music is reminiscent of what I grew up listening to--Outlaw Country with the musicianship of seasoned Music Row veterans.  They have a sound that owes as much to Hank Williams as it does to Gary Stewart, Waylon and Willie.

Lead vocalist Judd Pemberton has a voice tailor made for underground Country music--from one song to the next his voice goes from angst to heartbreakingly tender and both sound heartfelt without a hint of pretense.  

Their live shows are spectacular, for my money they put on one of the better shows around.  Their version of the traditional song "Hard To Love" in their set is outstanding.  They turn the Bluegrass staple into a hard charging anthem.  

Below are a few songs to whet your appetite for their follow-up to Songs of Pain, Murder and Woe titled  Stay Out of Nashville!

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