Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yeah, They Local

It's no secret that Denton is the newest musical hot bed in the country and has been for a while now.  You have local giants Cento-Matic and Midlake coming out of Lil' D, blog darlings Ghosthustler and Robert you can add Sarah Jaffe to that list.

Her music is often described as folk, but, that's not necessarily the case.  Yeah, it's acoustic loveliness in every sense of the word, but not the type of folk one would expect from the bands associated with the genre.  Her music is more personal in nature than the elder statesmen of that genre; not the typical "Teach Your Children" harmonies of CS&N, "Union Made" of Pete Seeger or even the pastoral musings of Fleet Foxes' "Winter White Hymnal."

You wouldn't break her music out to liven up a dinner party, but, you would definitely break her out to say "fuckin' listen to this!"  Check out her Myspace page, listen to the defiant ferocity of "Under," it will hit you in the head like a freight train.  Oh, and the remix of "Two Intangibles."  That one is destined to be used in a pivotal scene in at least one movie.  

She will be touring with Rhett Miller in September and then hit up Dan's Silverleaf.  

Tour dates:
9/17/08 San Antonio @ Sam’s Burger Joint (w/ Rhett Miller)
9/18/08 Austin @ Threadgills (w/ Rhett Miller)
9/19/08 Dallas @ House of Blues/Cambridge Room (w/ Rhett Miller)
9/20/08 Denton @ Dan’s Silverleaf

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