Monday, July 19, 2010


This past Saturday we busted out our trusty pen and reporter's notebook and headed down to Deep Ellum to keep tabs on the goin's on at the ol' Dallas Observer Music Award Showcase pt. 22 and were more than thrilled to see everyone who came out.

It did our hearts good to see all the people who actually gave a shit, for at least one night and come out to support local music. It was even more impressive that everyone came out to DEEP ELLUM! Elm St. looked like it did when we'd go see the Rev at Trees. It was a great night and hopefully the DOMA showcase will be back there next year and the peeps will come out.

You can check out our take on The Cool Kids show and Ishi here.

Along with out trusty notebook we also busted out the Hipstamatic to take a few shots with our... uh, phone. Check 'em here.

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