Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Racing, Some Stopping Review

Some Racing, Some Stopping is the follow-up to Headlights debut
Kill Them With Kindness and was released today. I've been listening to this album non-stop for a few weeks now and I have to tell you that it's an extraordinary bit of indie-pop. I was drawn to the group by the single "Cherry Tulips" with the beautiful voice of Erin Fein, because it reminded me of my other love Camera Obsura. Safe to say I was not disappointed by the album.

The disc starts off with the uplifting "Get Your Head Around It," sung by Tristan Wraight, which seques nicely to "Cherry Tulips." Sharing vocal duty, Tristan Wraight sings on tracks "Market Girl," "Get Your Head Around It" and "Catch Them All." The only complaint I would have about the album is Tristan's voice. It's not horrible by any stretch of the imagination, but, for some it can take getting use to. I can compare it closely to Shaun Robinson of Oppenheimer (which I happen to like).

Pick the album up here and let it turn into your album of the summer because you will not be disappointed.

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