Friday, January 8, 2010

Rollin' With JJ

Somewhere, in the hullaballoo that was 2009 I completely missed out on Swedish due JJ. But, when you see things like "Swedes who sound like Enya covering Lil Wayne at Lilith Fair 2015" it kinda piques your interest, no?

But, when you have a song called "Ecstasy" and it's as sublimely chilled-out as this you really have to listen.

MP3: JJ - Ecstasy

Bonus MP3: Lil' Wayne x JJ - Lollipop vs. Ecstasy (Neo Success Remix)


Oliver Shilling said...

love that jj track, and in fact their whole album is incredible. We’ve actually reviewed it on my blog, if ya wanna check it out! keep up the good work!

NEO said...

Why no download link to Ecstasy vs Lollipop? It's free for all to take. Download available here



Bona Fide Darling said...

Neo--tell that to web sheriff. They had me pull the track down.