Monday, January 4, 2010

About Last Night... BFD Showcase

Saturday night was a good night for local music. We were fortunate enough to have a great turn out for our first showcase.

First up was Ronnie Fauss, the husky voiced troubadour armed with only his guitar and harmonica he showed off his singer-songwriter chops to a crowd. He moved through works from his two albums and EP with stunning results. Hopefully people were paying enough attention to tell their friends about him or check him out online. But, he's going to be playing with Danny Balis in the next month or two... so hopefully that will be a bump in his profile.

Elkhart opened up their set with their fantastic take on Radiohead's "House of Cards," a favorite of mine. It's always nice to see Elkhart in such an intimate setting, because really, that is where the group excels with their personal, heartfelt take on americana.

Lastly, the great Bosque Brown rounded out the bill with a full band, which was really nice to see. Mara Lee Miller, has one of the most amazing voices you will ever hear. For my money, the only other woman on her level, at least locally, is Sarah Jaffe.

All-in-all, it was a great night... thanks to everyone who came out.


Anonymous said...

Why was Bosque Brown's set so short?

Kelly said...

sorry i missed it. i couldnt have picked a better line-up for a GK showcase, even if I tried (never been sure what that phrase meant, but it sounded right)...

Bona Fide Darling said...

It's cool, you be havin' a family to take care of and all.