Wednesday, November 11, 2009

About Last Night... Pretty Lights

Last night was a testament that you don't have to have a major blog presence to be able to draw a strong crowd. Granted, it wasn't a sold out crowd, but, the floor level was pretty packed most of the night as revelers danced around to the electronic beats provided by Pretty Lights and his touring drummer.

Any apprehension I had about a live drummer being a part of the show was gone by the first song. He mixed in seemlessly with Derek Vincent Smith's glitchy melodies and brain-rattling bass. From "Keep 'Em Bouncin'" to "Who Loves Me?" the SMU crowd was getting sweaty moving around that much. It was nice to see a crowd so responsive and active during a show. There wasn't a moment during the show when there wasn't a body moving to the music.

The least impressive part of the evening was the "visual" element to his show. Touring with a huge LED screen lit up behind them the images they were showing were less than impressive. It seemed like they bought up a bunch of Flash movies and screen savers and added them to the show. Granted, this isn't a big deal, but, when you've seen DJ Shadows audio/visual elements to his shows it's a high bar to reach. But, I digress as some of the images were interesting to look at.

You can check out the pics from the show on your Facebook page.

On a different note: is every 14-16 year-old kid in Dallas a little shithead or was it just the ones who were at the show last night? They were some of the rudest kids I've ever witnessed.

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Christopher said...

i had a blast, i thought the visuals looked pretty good for the most part, when he dropped Up & Down I Go, and had the video of a 70's disco dance off was the highlight of the evening for me. the show far surpassed my expectations, i'm a huge PL fan now.