Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Hijinx With Pearl Jam

If you're a fan of the Pearl Jam, you know there are certain things to expect at their shows.

1) They are probably not going to play "Leash"... even if you call them pussies.
2)They probably aren't going to play "Bugs" and they probably they aren't going to play "Sweet Lew" either, because they've never played either of them live.
3) If it's Halloween, they will more than likely dress up, you know, 'cause it's fun!

The fans in Illedelphia got a treat on Halloween as they played "Bugs," "Sweet Lew" and dressed up as Devo and covered "Whip It," all of this on top of a 40 song set. Pretty good for rock dinosaurs who don't mean much any more, right?

"Whip It"

"Sweet Lew"


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