Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ryan Thomas Becker Neighborhoof

Ryan Thomas Becker is better known around these parts as the frontman/geetarist for Denton's RTB2. But, Ryan is releasing his latest solo album that has him keenly treading the line between sensitive singer-songwriter and full-on rock master.

Don't look for any John Mayer type ballads to make the girls weep, it's not that kind of singer-songwriter album. He deftly moves around the spectrum of with a slowed down, rocked up lo-fi sound that would make Gorilla vs. Bear jizz his pants.

It's kinda criminal that "Seek Fire, Anime Kids" is not even two minutes long as it starts Neighborhoof off with a vibe you are use to hearing with RTB2. But, that seems to be where any comparisons to his other band can stop until the middle of the record. Which is probably good, since I doubt he set out to make a solo record that sounds like his other band.

The rest of the album flows with songs like "Whistle" that goes through country-blues, "Premaries" the sensitive duet and "Where Your Father Didn't Go" which sounds like lo-fi doo-wop.

Neighborhoof will have a release show at J&J's Pizza in Denton on 12/1.

MP3: Ryan Thomas Becker - Seek Fire, Anime Kids


Kelly said...

cant wait to hear more. i wasnt too familiar with his music (other than reading about him) until NX35...and now I think the guy is a mad genius.

Bona Fide Darling said...

Yeah, I got to check out RTB2 at the Observer thing a few months back and was really impressed. His solo album is really good.

Anonymous said...

I heard he once went on a date with Ed Harris and Ed O'Neill. Worst night of his life. It's probably where most of his inspiration stems from.