Wednesday, May 5, 2010

About Last Night... Pearl Jam

The long cold winter of my Pearl Jam discontent was finally over on Monday night as the last of the international grunge boys made their way to Kansas City.

The set meandered through all eras of their music and started off strong with one of my favorite songs, "Of The Girl," from Binaural and continued with "Animal" and "World Wide Suicide." However, for me the show bogged down a little bit with their newer material. "Unknown Thought," "Among The Waves" and "Johnny Guitar" don't have the rockin' sting the band once carried. It probably springs from the fact that as the band approaches their 50's (yes, fifties) they just aren't as pissed off as they once were in their twenties... and the newer songs show as much as they may still have the same opinions and feelings they should be shaking their fists instead of yelling.

But, here's the rub... the songs through 2003's Riot Act, even 2007's self-titled album still have all the piss-and-vinegar they once did and still hold the same emotion.

That being said, they are still, and will probably continue to be one of the most entertaining live acts that are on the road.

Of The Girl
World Wide Suicide
Got Some
Unthought Known
Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
Johnny Guitar
Amongst The Waves
Even Flow
Gods' Dice
Present Tense
Do The Evolution

Encore 2

Off He Goes
Just Breathe
Given To Fly
The Fixer
Life Wasted

Encore 2

No More
Better Man
Happy Birthday
Rockin' In The Free World
Yellow Ledbetter

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