Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hipsters Are Faux Folkies

Yesterday I noticed that one of BFD's favorite bands, Headlights, took part in the folk mixtape.  I originally intended to post their contribution, "Come All Ye Fair Ladies," but as I got into the tracks the were released today I was in awe of what I was hearing from artists other than Headlights.

The Old Lonesome Sound brings together indie and blogger darlings to record their own version of traditional folk songs.  They range from the heartbreaking "Two Soldiers" by Arbouretum's Dave Heumann to the blues-gospel of "Ain't No Grave" by Adam Arcuragi.  The sound of the tracks range from a classic country, to blues, to a more indie-fied interpretation of the songs.  Thankfully, most of the artists stayed true to the original sound of the songs.  While not every song is a gem, 95% of the album is a keeper.  

The album is available for free download here.

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