Monday, February 2, 2009

The O's We Are The O's

The local duo known as The O's have received quite a bit of fanfare since their formation in mid-2008.  More than a fly-by-night outfit, Taylor Young and John Pedigo are no strangers to the local music scene in The D, each playing in bands ranging from The Polyphonic Spree to BAcksliders.

It would be easy to pigeon-hole the duo's first album as roots music.  But, aside from the traditional string instruments they use, this isn't the case--more precisely roots-pop with twangy vocals.  They don't aren't as pop as say, and Alison Krauss record, but, songs like "You've Got Your Heart," "Fast As I Can" and "We've Had Everything" are full of pop melody.  

There are odd moments on We Are The O's like "I Love You So Much" where the singer breaks into a Vaden Todd Lewis wail that goes along with the heart break on the song.  The song has a humor to it like reminiscent of a teenager wailing his love at the top of his lungs to the girl he hearts.  

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