Thursday, February 19, 2009

White Suburban Kids Be Crazy, Yo!

I'm not exactly sure what they are putting in the water out in the 'burbs these days, but, it needs to  Yesterday I was reading an article on Rock & Roll Daily about Limp Bizkit's reunion and they position was would anybody care.  They stated the state of the music industry has shifted dramatically from when Bizkit had their heyday, which is true.  But, they also interviewed an industry "insider" that said “It’s possible that aggression and escapism are just what the public needs right now,” counters Beaujour, who notes that rap-rock is bubbling up again in “screamo-crunk” bands like Hollywood Undead and brokeNCYDE.

I personally had never heard of "screamo-crunk" so I checked out brokeNCYDE's Myspace page...and now I want to stab my ears out.  Sure, the beats are good, but when did it become cool to match screamo-punk with crunk?  This is probably the worst thing I've ever heard in my life.  Sometimes, genres don't need to be blended and should be left alone.  And, on a personal note, the band looks like a bunch of douche bags.

But, for your listening pleasure (?), check out their take on Flo Rida's hit "Low." 

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nane said...

yeah, i read that same article the other day ago so i took a wisten. if that shit is supposed to give peeps ear boners then i just got outta the pool