Monday, March 2, 2009

Morning Elephant In The Afternoon

I'm not really sure how to categorize Morning Elephant, but the bands own label of "melodramatic popular song/soul/ambient" isn't far off.  Their sound meanders throught Blue-Eyed Soul, Ambient, Jazz and even ventures into a little Trip-Hop.  Singer Manya Repnikova has a great voice, and really fits what ever vibe the song is--great Sunday morning, early evening listening.  The jazzy, lover friendly "REM Sleep" is a great instrumental track, jazzy hi-hats, noodling guitar work, great instrumentation all around.

But, a favorite of mine that I've been going back to is "I Howl at Tha Moon."  It reminds me of a a more loved-up Portishead.  Their cover of  The Eurythmics "I Need U/I Need a Man" is dripping with enough soul to give Jill Scott a run for her money.

1 comment:

a.m. elephant said...

mr. darling,
thanK you for checking out the sounds!
the sultry vox on "I Need U/I Need A Man" are
Alice Camille Cortinas

she's a true blue partner in crime!

hope 2 see u out&about