Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Old Is Always New Again

For those of you who think that music will never be as good as it was when you were younger--you're wrong.  Why?  Because there are no original ideas or sounds when it comes to almost anything creative.  The idea may be new-ish, rarely 100% new.  That being said, ladies and gentlemen...The Pain of Being Pure at Heart.  Their self-titled album reminds me of listening to The Edge back when it was good.  Spike was on early Sunday mornings, Josh and Kevin did the Adventure Club...and I was hearing songs and styles of music I was totally unfamiliar with and loved every minute of it.

Their sound is the sound of early 80's alternative, which was the old indie.  Noisy, yet melodic, they are like Jesus and Mary Chain's American cousins during their "Head On" period.  If you're going to SXSW you can check them out at several shows.

MP3:  The Pain of Being Pure at Heart - Everything With You

3/18/09 4:35pm Red 7 - Terrorbird/Force Field Austin, TX
3/18/09 8:30pm Ms Bea's - Todd P + NY Noise Austin, TX
3/19/09 1:00pm Radio Room - Brooklyn Vegan Party Austin, TX
3/19/09 3:45pm Malverde - Iamsound + Sup Magazine Party Austin, TX
3/19/09 10:00pm Opal Divine's - Green Label Sound Showcase Austin, TX
3/20/09 2:00pm Emo's Main Room - Pitchfork Party Austin, TX
3/20/09 3:45pm Fader Fort Austin, TX
3/20/09 6:30pm South Salina Street - After The Jump Party Austin, TX
3/20/09 11:00pm Emo's Jr. - Slumberland + Cake Shop Showcase Austin, TX
3/21/09 1:00pm Waterloo Records Instore Austin, TX

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