Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ian Brown Stellifies

Ian Brown continues to release stunning music that moves as far from his former band The Stone Roses as possible. "Stellify" lives up to his more recent release, Solarize, with it's feel feel and chipper mood. The track is dominated by nothing but a clunky piano loop, drums and some horns thrown in for good measure. As minimal as the music is, it fits Brown and his studio magic aided voice. It's as pleasing to my ears as it is to my heart to hear the King Monkey continuing to make music that is great.

The Stellify EP is only available on European iTunes and I'm sure his album (once available) will only be available as an import. But, with his track record of making great album, I may as well get ready to plop down $30 for one album.

MP3: Ian Brown - Stellify

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