Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Headlights Wildlife Preview

Reading that the new Headlights album was a "struggle" and that the band had scrapped their previous studio work on the album and started over again was a bit disheartening. Especially since the band was saying it was a darker album... I was a bit hesitant when listening to the new album.

While the album still employs similar sensibilities of Some Racing, Some Stopping it's still enough for fans of the group to easily latch onto the record. However, where Some Racing, Some Stopping had an upbeat, summer time feeling running throughout the album, Wildlife goes into the opposite direction as their fall album.

The album isn't a bummer, but, it's definitely a chillout album. Gone are the hopeful tones of dual singers Erin Fein and Tristan Wraight, replaced by mid-to-down-tempo numbers that reflect the difficult times they faced while recording Wildlife.

Again, that isn't to say the album is a downer. "I Don't Mind At All" and lead single "Get Going" reflect the tone of the album has the poppy sound you've come to expect from Headlights, the lyrics and vocals just don't sound too happy.

Headlight will play Denton's Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio November 19.

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