Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pet Lions In Fall

Like Rooney before them, Chicagoland's Pet Lions have a particularly sunny sound. But, unlike their California colleagues they have more to sing about than how bad it sucks getting beat up at beach parties, water polo teams and love. Oh wait, I think I'm confusing Rooney with The O.C., bitch. Rooney did have a sunny sound, but, it seemed they were just a one-trick-pony.

Pet Lions do have similarities to Rooney as far as the sunny sound goes, but, that's really where the comparison stops. The music that is made is more pop than California-pop. Think Spoon mixed with Rooney and you might be close. One thing that is for sure, Soft Right isn't an album that you're just going to skip through. Pet Lions catch your ear from the first note and compel you to keep on listening without skipping ahead.

If you go to their website, here, you can download their EP Soft Right fo' free.


Anonymous said...

i downloaded soft rite, and they are like my new favorite band! They are so awesome

Zachary said...

Make sure to look out for Pet Lions new "Shadows" limited 7" inch and exclusive t-shirt with download released through AEMMP Records, coming out the end of May.