Sunday, March 14, 2010

About Last Night... NX35 Night Three

As great as Friday night, Saturday nights sets I caught were a little big lack luster. The two highlights were Naptime Shake at Banter and Robert Ellis at Sweetwater.

The Shake were not at it's full capacity as it was just Noah Bailey accompanied by the handsome Glen Farris on keys. A subdued set, but, really good none-the-less.

But, the highlight of the night was Houston's Robert Ellis. I mean, a guy who starts his set off by asking if anyone knows where to finds some cocaine in Denton is surely going to be a treat. His mix of honky tonk and hellbilly was at times break-neck. By the end of his set, Ellis slowed things down quite a bit with songs fit for love-time, two-steppin'.

By the time Horse Feathers came on at 130a, the crowd had filled up all available seats and those left had nothing to do but stand. But, as for Horse Feathers set, meh. The music was great, but, it was too quiet, too pastoral.

MP3: Robert Ellis - Foolish Blues

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