Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Canon Logic | "Avenue Of Criminal"

Combine a little bit of Spoon's choppy keyboards with a little bit of Interpol's monotone vocals and a dash of California sunshine and you get the melodic indie-pop of The Canon Logic.

"Avenue Of Criminal" is not about Oak Lawn, but, it's a delightfully catchy pop tune that is ready to rock your clam back at Goo Lagoon. But, seriously, this song and it's album FM Arcade kinda run across the indie spectrum hitting styles seen by Spoon and Rooney. It's a bit too poppy throughout the run of FM Arcade and they seem to try a little too hard. But, once they stop aping the sound they know will work and come up with an original sound, then I think their magic will shine.

MP3: The Canon Logic - Avenue of Criminals

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