Saturday, March 13, 2010

About Last Night... NX35 Night Two

Last night was a complete luck out on great shows. I was there to cover Sarah Jaffe's set for DC-9 and ended up catching three phenomenal sets: Odyssey (formerly This Old House), Trespassers William and, of course Sarah Jaffe.

I won't really get into Jaffe's set, because you can read about that here, other than to say it was sweet to see Jaffe get so moved by the admiration coming from the crowd. A few different times it seemed as though she was fighting back tears because she was so moved.

Odyssey's set was nothing short of stunning. You could say it was ambient folk, or at least I thought that's what I thought I was getting into with them. But, it was more along the lines of "y'all-gaze." The band rambled through several new numbers that would probably make Jesus And Mary Chain green with envy. If you don't have these guys on your local music radar, you should get them on toot-sweet.

Trespassers William was completely new to me, never heard of them and wasn't sure if I would even like them. Well, the first word sung from Anna-Lynn Williams had my jaw dropped. It set was something similar to Mazzy Star, only if Hope Sandoval had a pure singing voice. It was hypnotic for their entire set.

MP3: Odyssey - At Risk
MP3: Trespassers William - Sparrow

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