Friday, January 25, 2008

The Afternoon Naps

Cleveland’s Afternoon Naps are a really great retro styled band. They have the kind of chamber pop sound that doesn’t beat you over the head. They don’t have the psychedelic tones of Brian Jonestown Massacre, but, instead the sweet sound comparable to Camera Obscura. Their sound is more upbeat than most of the chamber pop that you hear coming out of the UK.

“A Clean Bill of Health” has a nice little bit of boogie element to it. You can put it on and dance around the house as you do your chores. Or, do some couch dancing as you play your Playstation. “Postcard” is a sweet pickles, I imagine it to be one of those songs from a movie where Ryan O’Neil is walking hand in hand with his best girl, in a park, on a cool Autumn day. Ahhhhhh, good stuff.

The Afternoon Naps - Clean Bill of Health (mp3)

The Afternoon Naps - Postcard (mp3)

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