Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So, while I was listening to Pandora this morning I came across something that was a delight to mine own ears. It was "Amazing Grace" by Philly band The A-Sides. It was just such an awesome tune I had to expose them to the uninitiated. So, I had to find some of their other tunes to listen to and see if they were as good as "Amazing Grace."

The A-Sides - Park Avenue (mp3)

“Park Avenue”, off of Hello, Hello,at first strikes me as a Series of Sneaks era Spoon. But, then builds into catchy riffs and vocal melodies that share a little bit with Rooney.

The A-Sides - A Florida Grove (mp3)

“A Florida Grove," off Silver Storms, makes me think of a band playing a prom with the twinkling lights, the lead singer giving a wink to the prettiest girl at the dance. Again, really melodic vocals, they would make a great hang out music for friends at your backyard bbq. These guys will be at the SXSW festival in March in Austin, TX. If you're down that way at that time then check 'em out.

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