Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kinda Old News

So, yeeeaaah. This is kinda old news at this point, but, the new Portishead album should be out in March 08. It's been 11 year since the kids from Portishead released any kind of new material. Save for Beth Gibbons who released a solo joint with Rustin Man. You can go to Deaf Indie Elephants and download the complete second show from the All Tomorrows Party from this past December.

I've posted an mp3 of one of their newer songs. It's sounds like the Portishead I know and love. Their sound has deviated a little, but, not as much as Geoff Barrow led us to believe. Honestly, it sounds a little more like Massive Attack (But, not in a bad way).

Portishead - New Song 1 (mp3)

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