Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Whether it be music, people or politics I like to think of myself as an open minded person. But, then I read things like the vapid douchebaggery of the above no talent ass clown and it really pisses me off.

I live in Dallas, but I'm a born and bred Okie. There are many things I love about my home state and our music history is the biggest. Sure, I'm not fans of Toby Keith, but millions are and it's something to be proud of. Then there are the Flaming Lips, a band I can get behind and love for all their lovely eccentricities.

But, then you get a band like Hinder and I can't really follow you there on any level. I believe Cock Rock has it's place in music like anything else. But, when it's done a poor fashion like the guys in Hinder I can't really get behind it. Guns n Roses? Sure, I could listen to Appetite all day and all night! Motley Crue? Sure, they gots some good tunes. Hinder? Not so much.

But, this isn't really about their music. It's about their drummer. He reminds me of the thick headed, slack jawed doofuses I grew up with. The ones who couldn't handle their own problems and had to bring their buddies to help them in a fight. The guy in the picture is Cody Hanson, drummer of the afore mentioned band Hinder. He went to have "words" with the editor of the Oklahoma Gazette about some unkind words written about him in the OKG.

What exactly was said you ask? about the fact that Hanson didn't even drum on Hinder's debut album, even though he was in the band, he let a session drummer do it. Then he gets mad because he gets called out for it! Your going to get mad about getting called out for your lack of musical talent, really? Your bandmate even confirmed you didn't drum on your bands album...why not get mad at him? What a douche move. Even doucheyer was the fact he brought his boys with him for intimidation.

I just really can't get behind a band, even from my native state, that can't even play their own instruments. It's sad and pathetic. Just like bringing your boys to a fight.

Oh, and someone needs to tell him to not wear sleeveless t-shirts. Redheads don't need to show their underarm's gross.


nane said...

doesn't think technically make him a "touring" drummer?

lance said...

I believe you are right,sir.

nimbusthegreat said...

the funny thing is it's not that uncommon for certain musicians (cough, drummers) to be replaced or at least augmented in the studio when a major label is involved.