Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ladytron "Ghosts" Remix

Ladytron has gotten the remix treatment for their song "Ghosts" by New Yorks alt-rap collective Blestenation. A lot of the same Ladytron production remains intact. But, as the label puts it, Blestenation has added "some ghettotech percussion and verses from MCs Werdplay and Various over top... tasteful, but a completely different steez."

As I'm writing this I'm giving it my first listen...fn sweet y'all. If you like a De La Soul type of flow then you will love this track.

We've been asked not to post the remix on our blogs. Kind of a bummer, but you can get the track here at RCRDLBL. I would say download it as quickly as you can, it's a hot one. But, until then take a listen to some Blestenation. I'm new to them, as of this morning new, but they good.

MP3: Blestenation - Juice

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