Monday, June 8, 2009

About Last Night... Girl In A Coma

When I read the "Good Friday" post on DC9 last week and they said Here Holy Spain was pretty much in line with the Toadies I thought seeing them would be cool.  But, I didn't realize how much they really do kind of bite their style... even down to using the microphone that sounds like you're singing through a megafone.  But, I really enjoyed their opening set for Girl In A Coma.  They definitely rock hard and put on a great show, now I'll have to catch them again.

The crowd wasn't huge, not even halfway full for the smallness that is Pontiac Garage.  So, I had mixed feelings about the crowd.  However, I realized that it was a pretty good turn out for a band that has primarily received regional buzz through word of mouth... and the LOGO network.  The crowd was estrogen heavy and gay and lesbian friendly.  This has gotten me to wondering if they will turn into a punk version of Indigo Girls.  There is nothing wrong with have a gay and lesbian following, but, I'm wondering if that is the majority of their crowd and if they are fine with that or they want to reach a wider audience.  Girl In A Coma is such a great band I would hate to see them get pigeon-holed and have people shy away from them because of some kind of stigma associated with them.

But, those girls can play their asses off.  Their songs range from punk numbers, to ballady type songs, to just hard rockers.  I'm only familiar with a few of their songs so when they played "Say" and "Clumsy Sky" I was beyond thrilled.  "Clumsy Sky" in particular go a huge crowd response.  During the slow intro lead singer Nina Diaz twice let the crowd take over the singing, to hear them scream the last line of the intro before it goes into rockin' was a highlight. 

But, amidst all the hard rocking was bassist Jenn Alva.  She caught me off guard when she spoke because she has the sweetest voice I've heard come out of a tattooed bass player.  She has a very cute, sweet looking face... but, when she spoke her voice is not what I was expecting.  Nina Diaz on the other hand has a great singing voice and a well honed stage presence that comes from relentless touring.  She didn't work the crowd much, but, she really didn't have too.  She basically let her skills with her geetar and her singing do it all.  And now that I've seen Girl In A Coma live I believe my crush on Nina has gone full blown.

Check out the vidies for Here Holy Spain and Girl In A Coma below.  You can check out pics from the show at our Facebook or Myspace page.

Girl In A Coma

Here Holy Spain


Anonymous said...

Jenn and Phanie are lesbians. You should consider that women are the harborers of all outcast from society by men, probably like you.

Bona Fide Darling said...

I knew Phanie is a lesbian, didn't know Jenn was. I don't have a problem with them being lesbians, that was the point I was trying to make. My point was do they want to be more than a punk Indigo Girls. They have a potential to reach a very broad and big audience. I wouldn't think they would want to be pigeon holed.