Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Bird Automatic In The Hand

The Aussies have given the world a handful of bands that made an impact on American audiences:  Midnight Oil, AC/DC and INXS.  I'm not sure you can put Bird Automatic in the canon of great Australian band yet.  But, if they keep putting out music as delicious as their Not Morning People EP then it won't be long before they make a name for themselves.

At first listen I could easily compare them to fellow Aussie band Youth Group.  But, after a few listens you can get a sense the band was inspired by Death Cab For Cutie, UK bands like New Order and others in the Brit pop lexicon.  Not Morning People is an amazing album from beginning to end.  The album has a distinct sense of melody and an etheral quality to it that warrants repeat listening.  Lead singer Chris Bradstreet has an amazing voice that fits the music Bird Automatic is putting out... amazing, amazing record.

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Anonymous said...

These guys sound great! Can't wait to hear their album.