Wednesday, June 24, 2009

About Last Night... Jenny Lewis

Last night's Jenny Lewis show at the Granada was one of the best shows I've witnessed in quite a while.  I like Lewis quite a bit, however, I wasn't sure how good her show would be.  It seems the girl who got her start as an actress has learned how to incorporate her skills as an actress into her stage show.  Throughout the evening, as she stood behind a microphone or sat at her keyboard, she acted out each song and worked the crowd like a seasoned pro.

I know I complain about the crowds at shows a lot for talking to each other through the show instead of actually watching the show.  However, last night the crowd minded their manners and actually watched the show.  After each song the crowd literally roared their approval... it was the loudest I've ever heard a crowd there.  

Even though the show was great beginning-to-end the highlight for me was the Opry style way she and her band performed "Acid Tongue."  Lewis was solo on her guitar and her band formed a semi-circle behind her and sang the back-up vocals.  

You can check out the pics of the show on our Facebook page or Myspace page.  If you haven't friended us on either one, you should take this opportunity to do so.

Oh, and since she didn't play "Big Guns" last night, have a taste of it here.

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