Sunday, June 7, 2009

About Last Night... Built By Snow

I had the chance to check out Austin band Built By Snow Friday night at The Doublewide. I missed the opening band Your Kisses Cause Crashes, but, I caught The Pons... meh. They weren't horrible, but, they had a few good songs throughout their set.

Once I entered the room I was worried there wasn't going to be a crowd. I didn't expect a full-house, but, I was one of a crowd of about five that caught The Pons set. So, I didn't really know what to expect. However, once Built By Snow took the stage the crowd grew to about 20-25 people. It was nice to see a crowd that big show up for a band that probably isn't well known outside of their hometown. The crowd also seemed to really be diggin' the band, I can't say I could blame them. BBS put on a great show, frontman J.P. knows how to work the stage and the crowd, not what you would expect from a relatively new band.

You can check out pics from the show here or here.


Anonymous said...

5 people for the Pons? I was there too. The Pons played to as many people. I saw all three bands. I know how the night unfolded.

The Pons are a band that you have to pay attention to. They won't tee it up for you. They're not a concept or a throw-back novelty which lends itself to being very easy on the attention span.

I think you missed something.

Bona Fide Darling said...

I didn't think they were horrible, just didn't dig them as much as Built By Snow. I would probably like them more if I heard their material through a CD.