Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trees To Reopen!!

When I read those words yesterday over at DC9 at Night I was happier than happy.  Trees was definitely one of the places I loved to go and see shows.  

Hopefully they will get enough business to survive and stay open.  It will be nice to have something smaller than the Granada, but bigger than The Cavern to see a show.  I'm also hoping they book better national acts than Dada does.  If they can get a mix of local, regional and national acts coming through there it would be great.

Granted, Trees won't be like it use to be... nothing in Deep Ellum will.  But, with the nice mixed use of that district I think it will be able to thrive again... as long as people want to go to there.

See you there August 14th?  


Subservient Experiment said...

Fantastic news indeed!

Jordan said...

This is great! Definitely one of my favorite local Dallas spots and undoubtedly the best place to see a show in Dallas (at least it was 6 years ago.) Gypsy Tea Room was pretty sweet too on a side note.

But now with huge sponsors and conglomerates like Live Nation, Club Nokia, House of Blues, etc... the small local venue feel may be a thing of the distant past...unfortunately.

Bona Fide Darling said...

Yeah, the big conglomerates do have a strangle hold on the bigger indie acts like Spoon and My Morning Jacket. But, if the bookers at Trees could get groups like Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Crystal Antlers, VEGA and well known indie acts on a consistent basis I think they could pull it off.