Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Christmas on Mars

At long last The Flaming Lips will debut their movie "Christmas on Mars" at the Sasquatch! Music Festival on May 25. A buddy of mine has been anxiously anticipating this movie since he first heard about it in 2001 when the movie started filming. Filming was finished three years ago, so, I'm not sure why it's coming out now. Why did it take so long Wayne?!

But, Fred Armisen, Elijah Wood, Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse and Steve "I Hosted Blue's Clues" Burns are in it. The trailer has aspects of it that remind me of "Eraserhead" and that kind of scares me. That movie freaked my beans back in the day. I'm sure Wayne has he typical Wayne Coyne stuff in it. If it's half as good as "Fearless Freaks" then we will be in for a treat.

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