Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gimme A Break

Actually, let me restate that: Gimme a fucking break!

A girl committed suicide by hanging herself on her bunk bed and the medical examiner says he found signs of the "emo movement" during his inquest. Really, sir? Really? Was this because she frequented MCR message boards and listened to their albums? That's weird because I listened to Judas Priest again last night and I almost killed myself. Because they told me to of course.

Can we get a fucking grip people? She was 13 and I'm sure she didn't feel like she fit in anywhere. A lot of kids do. But, they don't always kill themselves. She probably wanted to be noticed and people to cry for her. This is a very sad ordeal for her family and I don't really think that blaming My Chemical Romance is going to solve anything.

Sorry, this is just really stupid and I can't believe this kind of thing continues to happen. (Gigwise)

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