Thursday, May 15, 2008

The "DUH!" Award

So my vote for my new “DUH!” Award goes to Rollingstone. They recently had an article titled “Hight Ticket Prices Could Hurt Concert Business.” High ticket prices could hurt the concert business? Really? You know, I know as a band gets older and becomes more established in the rock and roll canon that tickets are going to go through the roof. And, as I’ve gotten older and made a little bit more cash I like to sit in seats that are a little bit closer to the stage.

But, as much as I would like to see Madonna in concert I can’t afford to pay $150 for a ticket especially when I have to get one for the Mrs. too. But, it just kinda sucks when a favorite band, mine being the great Pearl Jam, raise their ticket prices $30 from the last time you saw them. I know, I know…gas prices, food prices all that stuff is going up and contributes to the ticket price. But, it just kinda sucks when you have realize you don’t have the scratch to see every show you want to see. Radiohead I’m looking in your direction.

My anger is explained a little better here. (Rock & Roll Daily)

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