Monday, May 5, 2008

Pearl Jam Start on New Album

The greatness of the Pearl Jam are in the studio now working on material for a new album. That's not even the best part. Brenden O'Brien is working with them again on this one. He hasn't worked with them since 1998's Yield, one of my favoritist albums of all-time.

Knowing them, it should be released this time next year or in the fall of '09. While their last album, Pearl Jam, was overly political and I found just to be an "okay" album I'm hoping this will be less political. Don't whittle out the politics completely, just tone it down. So far their last album is the only I'm not a big fan of. It had a few choice cuts, but overall, I didn't think it's as good as my least favorite albums of theirs.

Maybe with new album and new President they will finally come back to Texas and play a damn show!

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