Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About Last Night... James McMurtry

I should've had this up yesterday at the latest, but... Saturday night I bore witness to the a James McMurtry show at Sons of Hermann Hall. I took my nephew who is a big fan of McMurtry, I personally only knew his song "Choctaw Bingo." Needless to say, I was impressed by the man's twanged up rock.

What the man lacks in stage presence is made up for with his rapier wit as he commented in between songs. It was one of those shows where you show up only knowing one song and leaving wanting to buy the man's entire catalogue. Not only was McMurtry on fire that night, but, the Hall was like an oven! Apparently the a/c had gone out and it made for a very uncomfortable night in the packed venue.

Openers Eastwood did a terrific job as usual. It was a pretty big night for them opening up for such a well known act... and they delivered in spades.

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