Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get Yer Fixer

PJ's new single "The Fixer" from forthcoming album Backspacer is out now and I'm glad to hear it. Their last album... meh... I wasn't to hot on it. It had a few good songs and that was about it. "The Fixer" is sweet relief from music that was overwrought with political subject matter. It's nice to hear them just rock out again without an agenda behind it.

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Lane said...

I don't really dig it. Maybe I just don't dig it yet. I'll give it some more spins and see how it grows on me. You can definitely hear Brenden O'Brien's production help has steered them to what we here on Fixer after having to try and like what I was hearing on the Avocado album. I'm anxious to get the new album and hear what else this album has to offer.