Friday, July 10, 2009

Out of The Folkie Jungle

It's weird how a particular type of music will take off out of nowhere. Last year the pastoral harmonies of Fleet Foxes hit the blogosphere and the band took off like a rocket. With that type of success is often followed by imitators aping a sound that they hope will get them noticed. I mean, if it worked for Creed it has to work for other bands, right?

While Bagheera does sound a lot like the Fleet Foxes the harmonies they at least throw in a little bit of electronic effects and middle eastern flare into the mix to differentiate them from the Seattle band. Their EP Hollow Home is a nice piece to get you through and withdrawal you may be experiencing from lack of new work from My Morning Jacket, Great Lake Swimmers or... Fleet Foxes. However, even though their sound is directly in line with other bands, they stand out from the small crowd and stand on their own.

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