Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Built By Snow

It seems that Austin has not shortage of bands--and good ones at that.  You can put Built By Snow into the category of the good ones.  Their catchy, glitchy keyboard driven rock is on par with The Rentals.  Don't let the "keyboard driven rock" thing turn you off, there is definitely some mean geetars in thar too on their debut LP MEGA.  

The group says it's sound is influenced by The Cars, Devo and 8-Bit Nintendo.  Well, if Nintendo is one of their influences, "Implode Alright" sounds like it directly sampled one of the early fantasy games.  As the blips and beeps of a game soundtrack gives way to a buzzy, buzzy bass and turns the rock on.  Songs like album opener "Giant Robot Attack" and "Something In 3D" have a definite party ready Rentals and Devo quality to them.  

The only drawback from their songs is most of them are two-two and a half minutes long.  They are excellent songs that leave you wanting more.  

Their debut MEGA will be out January 20, but, you can get their EP Noise here.  It's honestly going to be really hard to pick one song to post, so, I'm going to give it my best shot.

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