Monday, December 15, 2008

They Are The Resurrection

The Stone Roses were arguable the seminal Britpop band during the "Madchester" music scene in jolly old Manchester, England.  Their songs were inspired by the house music movement at the time and the good ol' rock and/or roll.  Their debut album, The Stone Roses, will turn 20 years old next year, and it's one of my absolute favorite albums of all-time.  All-time--probably number one.

So, I was happier than a pig in slop when I read that Mani, Reni and John are all up for a reunion to celebrate their debut album.  The only hold up is Ian Brown, lead singer, the only one with a really good career.  (Well, Mani went on to work with Primal Scream, but, joining a popular band doesn't really count.  But, at least he's paying his bills.)  Sure, the Smiths could get back together, okay.  Siouxie and The Banshees, cool.  But, if The Stone Roses reunited I would probably literally poop my pants with excitement.

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michele said...

one of my faves too! waterfall and don't stop are amazing. and this is the one, fool's gold and i wanna be adored. the whole album is brilliant. definitely one you should listen to beginning to end. i have so many wonderful memories connected to it. viva la stone roses!