Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have I Got a Little Story For You

Dag, yo!  I wish I wasn't in such a pinch right now or I'd totally order the super deluxe edition of the upcoming reissue of the Pearl Jam classic Ten.  I've said it before, I'll say it again and again...huge PJ fan here, peeps.

Among the many things you will get if you buy it:  DVD release of their MTV Unplugged, four albums, remastered CD's,  and unreleased show from September 20, 1992, concert at Seattle's Magnuson Park (dubbed Drop in the Park) and a bunch of other stuff too.  Check it all out here or order it here.

But, the best part is there are going to be four unreleased songs that accompany the package.  Breath" and "State of Love and Trust," (which were on the Singles soundtrack) "Brother" (with vocals, not the instrumental version from the 2003 rarities collection "Lost Dogs"), "Just a Girl," "Evil Little Goat" and "2,000 Mile Blues," a Stevie Ray Vaughan-inspired jam with improvised vocals from frontman Eddie Vedder.  Should be sweet!

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